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I am inspired by those around me and I hope to inspire others.

It’s Fall on the north coast.

The temperatures have swung back south of 80 degrees during the day and the first hint of Autumn is in the air. I’m starting to prep for our vacation next month and getting excited about year-end holiday seasons.

As of now, I’m living in North Royalton - a southern suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.

My diagnosis of NASH back in July has inspired me to take better care of myself. Carrie and I are doing the Keto diet and so far I’ve lost 55 pounds! An appointment for more bloodwork in the near future will tell how much progress I’ve made in helping my liver, but I’m feeling healthier, sleeping better and I weigh less that I have in almost 10 years!

My daughter Ashley, who started as a partially-unwilling participant in the new household diet, has embraced the new way of eating and rediscovered her love of baking. She’s risen to the challenges of sugar-free, low-carb ice cream, mousse and fat-bombs and is looking forward to still enjoying seasonal treats this year, while making them a little bit healthier!