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I am inspired by those around me and I hope to inspire others.

It’s already half-past July! Summer’s half over? No way!

As of now, I’m living in North Royalton - a southern suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.

While I lament the end of summer, this year I am even more excited about fall than usual. This Halloween we’ll be visiting Salem, Massachusetts! I’ve wanted to visit Salem all my life and to be there during Halloween season will be amazing! I’m already prepared for the crowds and insanity, but we’ve got a pretty good itinerary planned and are hoping for a haunted good time!

My daughter Ashley is enjoying her new position as a grant coordinator for Providence House of Cleveland.

I recently picked up a eReader (Kobo, not a Kindle) and have loaded it with books I’ve been wanting to read. The novelty of a new toy has found me finishing two books already! Such convenience to be able to take more than 50 books with me almost everywhere!