I signed up with keybase.io.

Keybase is an end-to-end encrypted chat client on steroids. I’m still wrapping my head around all the features.

I’ve begun following people (so if you’re here because I followed you, I mean it as a compliment - you’ve inspired me or I respect your contributions or maybe we’ve met) Frankly, I haven’t found many people that I know on Keybase yet, but I hope that changes.

This past year I was finally introduced to Slack at Cleveland Givecamp and fell in love. I currently maintain my own team and spend a lot of time talking to myself. Seriously - it’s the best multi-machine clipboard I’ve found and it helps me share random thoughts and grocery items with my wife. (We have our own grocery channel which is basically me adding items to our list as I think of them and she saying ‘ok, got it!’.)

I’m intrigued by an encrypted alternative, especially since I use Slack alone most of the time. I am aware of the privacy implications and take care to not store anything sensitive on Slack. Can Keybase be that solution? I don’t know yet, but it looks promising.

But if you’re on Keybase - let me know. Follow me and I’ll follow you back. If you’re not on Keybase - give it a try. It’s really simple to set up and has clients for all the platforms.

Plus I’m sick of talking to myself.